Radetec utilises a world-first technique, which optimises the performance of fluorescence particles, quantum dots (QDs), combined with conventional lateral flow assay (LFA) to produce a vastly more sensitive test (10-100 times sensitivity compared to existing gold nanoparticle technology). Leverage with the LFA existing advantages of faster (results within 10mins) and inexpensive (reduce existing costs by upwards of 50%), Radetec can make world leading test kits for the diagnosis of STIs.

Our technology works by replacing the current colloidal gold with our QDs, which allows for the reading of a fluorescence signal in the presence of pathogens. Fluorescence-based detection is extremely sensitive, that allows the detection of just few pathogens in the sample. Further, a fluorescence-based detection method offers a wider dynamic range than colloidal gold, and provides the possibility of quantitative detection, which allows the clinician to estimate the stage of an infection, hence providing more informed treatment decision-making on the spot, leading to improved economic and social outcomes.


Our Timeline

  • Q1 2020. Radetec Diagnostics started developing its COVID-19 test.
  • Q4 2019. Pre-clinical study of Radetec’s Chlamydia test.
  • Q3 2019. Recipient of a Small Business grant from the City of Melbourne. Completed a Freedom To Operate search.
  • Q2 2019. Seed funding raised from Alternative Investments. Started a research partnership with the University of Technology Sydney and Griffith University.
  • Q1 2019. Radetec Diagnostics was selected to be part of the The Actuator – Australia’s national medtech accelerator.
  • Q4 2018. First sale of Radetec’s quantum dots. Several prizes and competitions won internationally. Finalist of the MedTech’s Got Talent challenge.
  • Q1-Q3 2018. Optimisation of the QDs-based lateral flow test.
  • Q4 2017. First successful test of a human virus in blood serum.
  • Q3 2017. Development of the biomembrane for conjugation of proteins with QDs complete.
  • June 2016. Radetec Diagnostics was formed in Melbourne, Australia