Rapid Tests for Animal Health

A key threat to koalas' population are diseases caused by Chlamydia species, in particular C.pecorum, consistently highlighted as a significant cause of blindness, mortality, and reduced fertility.1 An estimated 50% or more of koalas in some populations infected and with chlamydial disease. This disease spreads between the animals both sexually and from mother to child. Reinfection is common; even if a koala gets treated, once it returns to the wild can become reinfected at its next sexual contact.1


An fundamental tool to control and prevent chlamydial infections is testing. Current testing methods are qPCR and/or isothermal amplification. However, these methods are all restricted to research and/or diagnostic labs, requiring a dedicated environment and specialised operators. This poses serious challenges when treating koalas in the field.

Our Solution

Our rapid tests are suitable to be used for field-side testing with minimal sample preparation and a simple workflow that can be completed in less than half hour.

Rapid diagnosis

Immediate response

Decrease disease spreading

Appropriate treatment

Reduce antibiotic resistance



1 Jelocnik, M. Chlamydiae from down under: The curioous cases of chlamydial infections in Australia. Microorganisms vol.7 (2019)https://www.mdpi.com/2076-2607/7/12/602